Adaptive BC Events


Date Event Sponsor Link
February 12 Getting Started with Adaptive Business Continuity Great Plains Contingency Planners Closed
March 5 An Introduction to Adaptive Business Continuity Association of Business Continuity Professionals Closed
March 10 2020 Hindsight: BC Panel Discussion Continuity Insights and KingsbridgeBCP Listen Here
April 14 COVID-19: Ensuring Business Continuity Caliber Academy Watch Here
April 18 Adaptive BC Certification On-line: Free Introductory Lecture Closed
May 9 - June 13 Adaptive BC Certification On-line cABCF Closed
May 20 Adaptive BC and COVID-19 CPAC Members Only Closed
May 24 Weird Science: Experience and Experiments
to Change our Practice of Business Continuity
Continuity Insights Watch Here
July 6 Adaptive BC (Part 1): How did we get here? The Failover Plan Podcast Listen Here
July 6 Adaptive BC (Part 2): Where do we go from here? The Failover Plan Podcast Listen Here
July 30 daptive Business Continuity - Introduction to the Revolution Business Resumption Planners Association (BRPA) Closed
August 20 Adaptive Business Continuity - Beyond the Basics MidAmerica Contingency Planning Forum (MCPF) More Information Here
September 21-23 Quantitative Measures of Business Continuity Preparedness GSX and ASIS Global Security Exchange 2020
Sept 28 - Oct 1 How Doing Everything Wrong led to my Success in Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Journal DRJ Fall 2020
November 5 An Introduction to Adaptive BC DC Chapter of the ACP More Information Here