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Ensuring Business Continuity during COVID-19

Weird Science: Experience and Experiments

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Adaptive BC: How did we get here?

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Agile and (Adaptive) Business Continuity

Audio recording of a BCI Scotland Webinar
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Q&A: Detailed Questions about Adaptive BC (Pt. 2)

Audio recording of a Kingsbridge BC / Continuity Insights Webinar

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Year Category Author Title Description
2020WebinarDavid LindstedtEnsuring Business Continuity during COVID-19In this Caliber Consulting Webinar, Dr. Lindstedt discusses the three phases to normalization of COVID-19 and what BC practitioners should do in each phase in support of organizations.
2020WebinarDavid LindstedtWeird Science: Experience and Experiments to Change Our Practice of BCIn this Continuity Insights webinar, Dr. Lindstedt talks about how to apply what we've learned from actual disasters (both "ordinary" and protracted) in order to improve and enhance our Business Continuity practices.
2020WebinarBrian "Ponch" Rivera and David LindstedtCynefin, Complexity, and Adaptive BCCynefin expert and coach Brian "Ponch" Rivera talks to our cABCF certification class about the Cynefin model and how it might be applied to business continuity
2020WebinarDavid Lindstedt and Mark ArmourcABCF: Time-to-value, implementation, auditors, etc.Mark and David provide final thoughts on the application of Adaptive BC to wrap up a cABCF certification class.
2020PodcastMathew, Lindstedt, ArmourAdaptive BC: How did we get here?Shane Mathew of The Failover Plan Podcast interviews Mark and David on the more personal and human side of what it is like to spearhead a movement.
2020PodcastMathew, Armour, and LindstedtAdaptive BC: Where do we go from here?Shane Mathew continues the discussion with Mark and David. In this episode, we discuss some of the hurdles they face going against the grain, their desire to enter into real debate about the value of ABC, and we look ahead.
2020PodcastJose' M. Garay and Shane MathewAdopting Adaptive Business ContinuityJose' has approached the principles of ABC just like many others, with a healthy dose of skepticism, and as you will hear from his story, has taken a unique approach to melding the traditional programs with the ABC model.
2020PodcastDavid Lindstedt, Mark Armour, Alex FullickAdaptive Business Continuity and COVID19We talk about the latest news with Adaptive BC and continue with some eye-opening discussions on topics related to BC. We also talk about the possible future of BC in the world of Covid-19.
2020PodcastAlex Fullick and BC in Latin AmericaWe'll talk with Organizational Resilience and Business Continuity expert Timothe Graziani, who is headquartered in the Dominican Republic, and chat about BCM in the Latin America (LATAM) region.
2020WebinarDavid LindstedtGetting Started with Adaptive BCA short presentation of ideas for adopting Adaptive at your organization.
2019PodcastMark Armour with Vanessa MathewsAdaptive Business Continuity discussionVanessa Vaughn-Matthews asks some great questions and Mark somehow holds it together while his dog barks at the mailman in the background. Both informative AND entertaining.
2019WebinarDavid Lindstedt6 Drivers & 10 Principles: An Introduction to Adaptive BCDavid Lindstedt's introductory presentation. If you are already familiar with the traditional approach to business continuity and want a primer on Adaptive, this is a great place to start.
2019WebinarSarah J. Powell and Emma StockerAdaptive BC and Higher EducationIf you are looking for proof that it is possible to just pick up the Adaptive concept and run with it then look no further. Two extremely competent practitioners demonstrate their ability to do just that. This one is definitely worth the time invested.
2019VideoDavid LindstedtAdaptive Business Continuity in About Three MinutesIf all you have is three minutes then this is the video for you. But don't make this your one and only exposure to Adaptive Business Continuity.
2019WebinarDavid LindstedtThe "Lost" Lecture: Capability and ConstraintAn illustrated presentation on the Capability and Constraint model often referenced by and used by Adaptive Business Continuity practitioners.
2019VideoDavid LindstedtA Story: BC Standards in the USDavid Lindstedt tells a story. One of the arguments against Adaptive is that it reflects how business continuity is already practiced. While that may be true for those who have been in the profession for some time, this is a perfect example of why we must take a different approach.
2019WebinarDavid LindstedtKerzner's Time Machine: Leap 10 Years in 10 MonthsGreat presentation on how we might be able to accelerate the evolution of the discipline by applying what we can learn from Harold Kerzner.
2019VideoTimothe GrazianiOrganizational Resilience and Adaptive BC (LatAm)Television interview with Timothe Graziani on Silueta Economica
2019VideoDavid LindstedtAdaptive v GPG: What is BC?David Lindstedt discusses the major differences between an Adaptive BC and BCI Good Practice Guideline approach. He also discusses what this means for our understanding of what business continuity should be all about.
2018PodcastMark Armour, David Lindstedt with Alex FullickAdaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach, Part 1A lively discussion with Alex Fullick of Preparing for the Unexpected. Both Mark and David go off on tangents and time runs out before they can get everything out but it does make for a good listen.
2018PodcastMark Armour, David Lindstedt with Alex FullickAdaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach, Part 2Mark and David follow-up with Alex Fullick on Preparing for the Unexpected. They cover new ground in this second part but there still isn't enough time to cover everything.
2017PodcastDavid Lindstedt with Ken JenkinsCrisis Competence and Business ContinuityDavid Lindstedt explores the RPC Model of Organizational Recoverability with Ken Jenkins on The Black Box podcast.
2017VideoDavid LindstedtBC PMO OverviewDavid Lindstedt talks about what a Business Continuity Portfolio Management Office might look like and how to get there.
2017PodcastDavid LindstedtAdaptive BC, KPIs, and Emergency ManagementKen Jenkins interviews David Lindstedt on Adaptive BC, emergency management, and measures
2015VideoCamilla Amundsen with David LindstedtAn Academic Look at BCPDavid Lindstedt speaks with Camilla Amundsen about her forthcoming paper "BCP and Perceptions of Impact". Great insight about the profession from an external perspective.
2015WebinarDavid LindstedtMeasuring Preparedness: Continuity Insights NY 2015David Lindstedt shares his presentaiton on measuring preparedness and recovery capability recorded at Continuity Insight in New York back in October, 2015
2013VideoDavid LindstedtAssessing Preparedness: Part One - Current State ProblemsThe original Xtranormal video created by David Lindstedt to show the downsides of traditional BC approaches
2013VideoDavid LindstedtAssessing Preparedness: Part Three - Indicators and ExecutivesThe first Xtranormal video exemplifying how a BC briefing between the Adaptive BC professional and a senior leader could play out
2013VideoDavid LindstedtAssessing Preparedness: Part Two - A Better Way to MeasureThe second Xtranormal video exemplifying how a BC briefing between the Adaptive BC professional and a senior leader could play out
2012Metrics & MeasuresDavid Lindstedt4-Minute Introduction to the RPC ModelDavid Lindstedt provides a quick overview to the RPC Model of Organizational Recoverability